College football has seen decades of ball boys come and go. Washing jerseys, fetching footballs, and making certain that all of the team’s general needs are met, is not an ideal job description for most full-time students. Many would rather start gameday off with a stiff drink, followed by stiffer drinks, grilled eats, and untamed camaraderie.

Now, a new breed of college students are showing that there is a more beneficial way to invest in your university’s football team, and the payoff is nothing short of glorious.

Below, you will find the top three ball boys in college football. What do these guys have in common other than their sporting of khaki shorts? They are all students, equipment managers, and B-list celebrities (A-list within certain towns in the U.S.).

Big media has spotlighted them for their radical support of  their respective university’s football programs, both on and off the field. ESPN has interviewed them, and game commentators have inaccurately described them — they are as mysterious as they are known. Until now.

1. Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat (FSU)


Nickname: “Red Lightning”
Hometown: Key West, FL
Class: Junior
Attributes: Exclusive on-field bodyguard to Jameis Winston, loyal to girlfriend of four years despite gaining national celebrity status

2. Cary Joe Davis (Ole Miss)


Nickname: “Rebel Yell”
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Class: Graduate Student
Attributes: Only ball boy to shake a defender, fastest guy carrying two balls, possesses the ability to breakdance

3. John Longenecker (Auburn)


Nickname: “Blue Thunder”
Hometown: Potomac, MD
Class: Junior
Attributes: Least athletically-challenged of the bunch (per LinkedIn), has the most time ahead of him to develop