The headline says it all. In fact, it’s not just a message to you reading, but also to myself. For years, I lived in denial, telling myself Peyton Manning was the best. Deep down, I knew Tom Brady was the GOAT. I just didn’t want to admit it because quite frankly, I, like many NFL fans, hate the Patriots … always have and probably always will.

But there’s no more denying it. There’s no more defending a less accomplished player just because you like him more than Brady. Also, there’s no more listening to your old man when he says Joe Montana was the best there ever was, or your grandpa telling you Bart Starr was the greatest. Tom Brady is the best football player to ever step foot on a football field. Period.

Brady 1

Super Bowl LI confirmed that. Only superhumans can pull off what Brady pulled off that night. Down by 25 late in the third quarter. You’re not supposed to win in that situation. Unless your name is Tom Brady.

Yes, he did get a lot of help from his teammates, but Brady is the leader of that team. He’s the one who orchestrated it all. With anyone else at QB, the Pats don’t stand a chance. Five rings. That’s how many Tom Brady has now, and that’s more than any NFL player ever. He’s the best — hands down. There is no argument against it.

One thing about the Super Bowl to acknowledge is that the Falcons might have pulled off the biggest choke job in the history of sports. Maybe true, maybe not. The performances of the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals and the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 World Series are also strong contenders for that not-so-coveted title.

Regardless, I think the choke job by the Falcons wouldn’t have ended up being a choke job if any other leader was in charge of the Pats that night. It would’ve been a Falcons win.

It takes not just confidence to lead a comeback like that. It also takes the ability to instill that confidence into your teammates as well, and that is difficult. Imagine convincing 10 people they can pull off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history in just over one quarter. That’s not an easy task, but Brady did it.

Brady 2

This is the era of the greatest football player of all time. Cherish it while it lasts. Speaking of which, there’s still time left. Terry Bradshaw asked Brady if he’s going to retire now that he’s 39. Brady emphatically responded, “Hell no!”

Who knows. Brady might rack up another one or two rings before hanging up the cleats for good. Regardless, let’s just enjoy the entertainment he’s giving us for a little while longer.