There are a lot of strange things out there on the Internet. That being said, there’s also a ton of really cool sh*t you’ve probably never heard of before. Do your brain some good and learn something today.

Staring contest

Alter your consciousness in 10 minutes:

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that eyes are the gateway to the soul, but a study shows they have the ability to alter your consciousness. Giovanni Caputo from the University of Urbino in Italy, conducted an experiment where he had people sit across from one another and stare into the other’s eyes. What resulted is quite fascinating. Every participant noted that something weird happened. “Almost 90 percent of them said their partner’s face appeared deformed, 75 percent saw monstrous beings and 15 percent even saw traits of a relative’s face emerge on their partner.”



You might have a dog that acts like a cat, or a cat that acts like a dog, but did you know there’s a cat breed known as the “dogs of the cat world?” Maine Coon’s, one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, genuinely enjoy and seek out the company of humans. They aren’t typically needy, just prefer to hang out with their human. They’re also one of the largest cat breeds in existence (males average 12 to 15 pounds, with some reaching 20 pounds or more), but are known to be very affectionate and friendly.


All that Glitters is Gold and Edible:

If someone gave you a gold donut you’d probably think “pretty, but I can’t eat it,” and you’d be wrong. Pure gold is actually edible. That’s not to say the gold used to make your ring or your earrings is edible, but what is edible is gold leaf, gold flakes or gold dust that can be used as a topping on food. Pure gold leaf is 24-karat and is very soft at this stage — too fragile to even make into jewelry.