The internet is full of information — albeit, it’s not always true. Today, we learned a few things that may seem like fiction but are, in fact, true … and they might just freak you out a little bit. Proceed at your own risk.



If you don’t know what a doppelgänger is, it’s basically your twin. However, saying “doppelgänger” isn’t quite the correct term when describing a twin, because technically one can’t live while the other exists, much like Harry Potter and Voldemort … and if you don’t understand the connection between the two, you can GTFO. Anyway, if you have ever heard that there are seven people in the world that look like you, then you’ve probably wished you could meet a twin of yours at some point. The good news is, there’s a site designed specifically for that reason (creepy)! If finding your twin is a dream of yours, check out, but if the site doesn’t convince you, learn a little about the three who started it. 


Mt. Everest

Okay, so you’ve most likely heard about Mt. Everest, which is the Earth’s highest mountain, but I’m betting there are a few things you didn’t know. Climbing Mt. Everest is known to be extremely dangerous and, of course, many have died attempting. One creepy, sad and downright terrifying fact about Mt. Everest has an area called The Rainbow Valley. Sounds pretty, right? Wrong. It gained its name due to the multi-colored jackets and climbing gear of the corpses littering the hillside. Mt. Everest is a grave to over 200 bodies and the bodies are sometimes used as guide markers as to not get lost. Another insane fact about the massive mountain is that you can’t just muster up the courage to climb it one day. It actually costs $70,000 for a group of seven to climb and $25,000 if you’re brave enough to climb on your own. Don’t forget to pack extra undies.


Swallowing Spiders in Your Sleep

Yeah. Ew. We’ve most likely all heard the idea that we swallow a certain amount of bugs in our lifetime while we sleep, which is both disgusting and nerve-racking. I mean, you don’t get any special powers like spiderman when you swallow a spider (at least no cases that we’ve heard of). The good news is that swallowing spiders in your sleep is actually a myth! While it may be possible to swallow a spider in your sleep, it’s highly unlikely. The idea that the average human swallows eight in their lifetime while sleeping is especially preposterous. If you really loved the idea of swallowing spiders in your sleep … first of all, gross Secondly, sorry to ruin your fantasy.


Eyeball Artist:

Alright, let’s start by saying sorry for making your eyes water and feel all weird after looking at the above GIF. We don’t all have the natural ability to be an artist, and art wouldn’t be as appreciated if we were all good at it. Admiring art is something a lot of us enjoy doing, and one man, Leandro Granato, an artist in Argentina, doesn’t just use his eyeballs to admire art. If you can believe it, he actually uses his eyes to paint. He sniffs paint up into his nostrils, plugs them with his fingers, then proceeds to squirt the paint from his tear ducts. Sounds pretty fictional, but there’s video proof and it’s actually quite fascinating … or … really disturbing.