For all you “non-car” people out there, this is an app for you! It’s called TireCheck and it’s free for all iOS users. This app enables you to easily check a tire’s pressure without ever having to get your hands dirty, or having to take car your in somewhere. The concept is simple, line up the camera on your phone with the car’s tire, and when the camera is properly aligned, the app automatically captures the photo for you. With this photo, TireCheck gives you your tire’s current PSI. Not only is incorrect tire pressure unsafe while driving, it also plays a major role into several other aspects of your car, such as MPG.  There are over 50,000 car and tire configurations built into the app, so make sure you have a spot on this “make life easier” bandwagon.

Tirecheck 1

Included in the video are simple directions to follow when using the app. Although the quality of results based on camera quality may differ, this allows you to better be aware if you are over or under on tire pressure