Pro surfer, and the diver you see pictured below, Mark Healey is making his mark on the minds of sane people with his penchant for slapping flesh eating predators. In this video, Healey, self-proclaimed shark rider, is shown giving a tiger shark the Heisman stiff arm because, evidently, the shark got too close and Healey wanted to avoid becoming a dollar menu item.

Shark riding is a pastime indulged in by this adrenaline junkie who obviously has no love for his appendages. This activity, cousin sport to alligator wrestling and nail gun dodge ball, requires an iron will, a love of adventure, and a complete lack of rationality.

In Surfer Magazine Healey was asked, “Why are you doing this?” Healey replied, “I don’t know, it seems totally normal for me, for what I grew up doing, and maybe I’m so stuck on the inside of it that I can’t see outside, but it’s just the way I grew up and I’m pretty much doing everything that I wanted to do since I was a little kid.”

I’m afraid to ask what he grew up doing. But the interviewer asked a number of fearless questions such as:

How do you know if they want to feed or not? (“Just by watching their body language.”)
Do you take protection? (Sharks have STD’s?)
Did you pee in your wet suit? (HUH?)

So, if you ever summon the courage to slap your neighbor’s pit bull realize that compared to Mark Healey you are still a wimp.