The world’s greatest inventions aren’t always based on mind-blowing world-changing revolutionary technology. Sometimes they’re little things designed to make your life ever so slightly easier. First, the Spork was given to us in the late 1800s. The combination of spoon and fork proved to be a dependable ally for students navigating the complicated waters of school lunches. Where would we be without it? Still working our way through meals that couldn’t decide if they were soups or casseroles, that’s where.

Lunch 10

brb gonna go barf …

Now, behold the even more beautiful cousin of the Spork — the Chork. An endlessly useful hybrid of chopsticks and a fork. The Chork was developed by the brilliant minds at Panda Express, a restaurant that specializes in melding Chinese and American flavors. What better symbol of that union than the Chork? No more struggling to use chopsticks in order to look more cultured and only being able to eat your food one noodle at a time. No more alternating between two separate utensils when you require both the stabbing power of the fork and the grabbing power of the chopsticks. Now you have both in your hand and you can seamlessly transition between the two. Congratulations, Panda Express eaters, your life just got marginally more convenient.