At the JBC 4X Pro Tour, a rider by the name of Michael Marošiho was in third place until the final leg of the race when he used the wall to take over first place in grand fashion.

Watch the awesome video below…

About the race:

Historically first race of 4X Pro Tour world series which will be held in Czech Republic and its called “JBC 4X Revelations”. New venue at Jablonec nad Nisou made by Tomas Slavik is like a “revolution” of tracks in 4X racing. This track is just absolutely different and its bringing the sport and this event to another level. When you say Downhill and Fourcross then this track is a result…and its huge! Anything can happen on this track!  Add exciting racing, fastest riders all over the world, fireshows, crazy fans, live webcast and many more are making this event really special!This is JBC 4X Revelations and you must be part of this!


[via Reddit]