Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Have you figured out who’s going to carve the turkey? What crazy family members will be attending? What will make you laugh at the dinner table? We might be able to help with the last part.  Here are 11 Thanksgiving GIFs to share at the table this year — or not …

Thanks 1

Thanksgiving always means spending lots of time with your family, especially your younger siblings …

Thanks 2

… and drinking enough to end up like Monica from “Friends.”

Thanks 3

On this special day, all of your crazy Thanksgiving turkey dreams will be fulfilled …

Thanks 4

… and you’ll begin the meal with a word of “thanks,” and maybe a bit of historical reflection on this holiday.

Thanks 5

You might fight over who gets the skin …

Thanks 6

… or who is the better twerker.

Thanks 7

Just be glad you’re not on the menu this year …

Thanks 8

… and all you have to do is prepare yourself for that glorious night of food-coma-induced sleep.

Thanks 9

You might have some weird dreams …

Thanks 10

… but don’t let that get you down.

Thanks 11

If your food tries to fight back …

Thanks 12

… just think … what would Colbert do?

Thanks 13

Lastly, if your dad finally bestows upon you the great task of carving up the turkey … try not to F*** it up.