ESPN’s new approach for reaching out to fans is quite different for the “worldwide leader in sports.” The Undefeated is a new web-based news source that brings to life the athlete and attempts to make them human again. In sports, it is too often that the athlete is always played as a super-natural being, but ESPN’s The Undefeated breaks the barrier into the athlete’s lives, making them seem like normal people.

According to, their purpose is, “the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture. We enlighten and entertain with innovative storytelling, original reporting and provocative commentary.”

It is strange to see the word “race” thrown into anything mainstream media related, especially in sports, but The Undefeated uses race as a triumph for mankind and not as an obstacle. It is a new and fresh way to look at the cultural successes rather than differences.

What are your thoughts on The Undefeated?