Scientists are always coming up with weird ideas that sound like the result of a long day spent on mind-altering substances, but some of these weird ideas could actually change the world for the better. The latest crazy innovation is paving our roads with pig manure instead of regular asphalt.

The black gooey substance that makes up many of the world’s streets is made from petroleum, also known as crude oil. It’s a nonrenewable resource, meaning once we have used up the supply, that’s it. Our modern world is extremely dependent on crude oil and it has a lot of negative effects on the environment. But you probably knew that already.

The face of our new savior.

The face of our new savior.

The other half of this story is that America has a seriously huge supply of pig manure (literally billions of gallons) and nowhere to put it. No one wants it just sitting around. It can contaminate nearby water supplies, spread infections and it gives off a lot of noxious gases that also have a negative environmental impact.

Science is working on solving both these problems at once and has come up with a way to process all that poop into an petroleum-like substance that can potentially take the place of regular asphalt and create more environmentally friendly roadways. New roads are being paved daily, and we’ll probably never run low on our national poop supply, so it’s a win-win situation if it works out. It’s a small but important step to keep our planet safe and habitable for generations to come.

Recycling unusual materials to create new unexpected items is becoming something of a trend now. This news follows some other cool innovations that have been revealed recently, like these shoes made from ocean waste and even plastic six-pack rings made from edible beer byproducts. Let’s hope these innovators keep doing whatever drugs they’re doing and coming up with more cool ideas to save the planet.