No, you aren’t imagining things, nor are you projecting yourself three months into the future when you see the words “Early Voting Site” next to your nearest polling place.  The Primary Election early voting period is open, in advance of the August 18 Primary Election Day. Early Voting in Duval County runs from August 3 thru August 16. With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting everyday life, early voting may be a good way to social distance and avoid some of the crowds on Primary Election Day.

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First, and just to clarify, a primary election is a pre-election process where constituents choose their preferred candidates for future general elections. Depending on the state in which you reside, a primary can be ‘open’, where any registered voter can cast a vote in a primary, or ‘closed’ where only party affiliated voters can cast votes for candidates withing the same party during a primary. Florida is a closed primary state. Ironically, all registered voters will have an opportunity to vote on Florida Amendment 3 in the November general election, which posses the question of whether Florida primary elections will switch to ‘open’.

Here is a breakdown of what you will see on your ballot if you live in Duval County. Your ballot will differ depending on where you reside in Duval County and, again, depending on your party affiliation. If you have No Party Affiliation (NPA), you will likely see a shorter ballot with only a few nonpartisan races on it.

Want to know what will be on your specific ballot? You can look up My Sample Ballot from the Duval County Supervisor of Elections.

These are all the primary races taking place:

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Congressional District 4

(Winner will face Donna Deegan (D) and Christopher Eagle (I) in the November Election)

Congressional District 5



State Representative District 12



State Representative District 13 – (All District 13 voters can participate regardless of party affiliation because no other candidates are running)

State Representative District 14

(Winner will face Nancy Lynn Kapetovic (I) in the November election)

State Representative District 15 

(Winner will face Wyman Duggan (R – Incumbent) in the November election)

City Council District 4

Neptune Beach City Council Seat 3 

Clerk of the Circuit Court

(Winner will face Jimmy Midyette (D) in November election)

County Judge Group 1

County Court Judge Group 6 

School Board District 1

School Board District 3 

School Board District 5

School Board District 7 

Republican State Commiteewoman

  • Sharon B. Light
  • Karyn D. Morton
  • Rose Nettles
  • Ginger Soud
  • Judith B. Youngblood


Precinct 204 Committeeman (Republican) 

  • Richard E. Dorman Jr.
  • Andre Ferreira
  • Eric Sloan
  • John W. Thomas Jr.

Precinct 206 Committeewoman (Republican)

  • Carol Brock
  • Jane Carr
  • Jane T. Cunningham
  • Candace Lautzenheiser
  • Karyn D. Morton
  • Debra A. Roberts
  • Laurie Sleffel

Precinct 401 Committeewoman (Republican)

  • Brenda Taylor Black
  • Elizabeth Damato
  • Rebecca Damato

Precinct 404 Committeewoman (Republican)

  • Mick Barr
  • Gary R. Dickinson
  • Bruce R. Duggar
  • John H. Hedquist
  • Mark W. Marchand

Precinct 1408 Committeewoman (Republican) 

  • Cynthia Ganas
  • Vicki Renee Hand
  • Sharon B. Light
  • Kathy Stoprya
  • Carolyn Tucker

Precinct 305 Committeewoman (Democrat) 

  • Siobhan Christman
  • Kimberly Doctor
  • Kristan Palermo
  • Myra Rubinstein

Precinct 312 Committeewoman (Democrat)  

  • Thayla Gontrum
  • Mina Masody
  • Julie Spelman

Precinct 1407 Committeeman (Democrat)

  • Nathaniel L. Edwards
  • Daniel L. Henry
  • Mark Scaggs

Precinct 1408 Committeewoman (Democrat) 

  • Albrista Benwell-Brady
  • Heather Dixon
  • Cathy S. Heffernan

Do some research and ask some questions. In our hyper-connected world, you have the opportunity to reach out directly to candidates and ask them why they deserve your vote. There has never been a better time to be an informed voter. Go vote!

Special thanks to WJCT’s Sky Lebron for compiling the list above.