Kickstarter is one of the best places ever to find things are totally pointless but kind of cool. This project by a company aptly named Poopy Cat is no exception. They want your pets to travel the world from the comfort of your home, and they only need another $14,000 to make it happen!

Poopy Cat is making rad cardboard models of famous global landmarks so your pet can lounge around in style and pose for fabulous, jetsetting Instagram photos without getting off their furry butts. It’s a totally pointless but super cute idea. It probably wouldn’t take long for a determined animal to destroy their new Eiffel Tower or White House, but it would be fun for everyone. Your pet gets to play Godzilla and you get to watch and capture fun pictures.

The cardboard landmarks will only get made if they reach the $30,000 goal by May 20, so go throw some money at them if you want your beloved furbaby to get some globe-trotting credentials.