Jacksonville musicians know the Bold City is bursting at the seams with raw talent and a DIY ethos. The Nixon Tapes are proving that sentiment to be true. Crunchy guitars, sporadically synchronized rhythm and heartfelt melodies and harmonies are what you can expect to hear listening to the band’s debut full-length titled, Better Days.

The band’s CD release show is July 9 at 1904 Music Hall, along with Jacksonville locals Boysin, Divorce Culture and Fernway. Better Days is available on stream services like Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

The Nixon Tapes exposed dirty tactics of the ‘70s and led to the demand for transparency in the American presidency. What inspired you to name your band after it and why?

To be honest, I loved the history behind the Watergate. I think Nixon was a fine president. He brought our troops home from Vietnam, created the ABM treaty with the Soviet Union and created our diplomatic relationship with China. However, I don’t want Richard Nixon to be the bands “brand” by any means, or have people think our political views align with his. Our political views will always stay out of our music. In this country’s time of thick division between liberal and conservative, we want our music to bring all people together.

“Calloused and Sore” sounds like a defeated realization with raw instrumentation and honest lyrics. Why did you choose this song as the single?

“Calloused and Sore” is a genuine sound that captures what The Nixon Tapes is striving for musically. We wanted our new listeners to instantly hear what we were about: Loud guitars, tasteful grooves, and raw-heart felt lyrics that you can connect with.

Where did you record the album?

We spent last winter/spring break recording in our drummer Brian’s living room. At the time, we were all high school students at Douglas Anderson. We asked if we could borrow some preamps, and solid microphones from the school to add to our makeshift studio. We are pretty happy with how the album sounds sonically.

Who is the kid on the art for the single?

The kid is me. We didn’t have a huge, deep meaning behind the picture. It was a spur of the moment type deal. We liked it, so we did it.

What would you recommend someone do to have a better day?

Listen to good music, go to the beach, eat a good burger, stop complaining on social media, watch a Will Ferrell movie or read a good book.

Are all of you from Jacksonville?

We are all from the great, bold city of Jacksonville. I feel like Jacksonville’s music scene is on the verge of exploding. And we are excited to be a small part in pushing that along.

Tell us about the CD Release show and why you chose the bands you did for support.

The CD Release show will be on Saturday, July 9 at 1904 Music Hall. We are playing with Boysin, Divorce Culture, and Fernway that night. I think each band playing that night has a different style that will compliment the bill. We have never played with those guys, but eager to make a strong relationship with all of them. It will be a fun night with great music.