It’s the night you decide to go the bars and the place is packed. Everybody needs another round, but with so many people vying for the bartender’s attention, how do you get them to take notice? Are you patient? Probably not for very long. Do you start sighing because it is taking so long to get coke with a little bit of rum in it? Probably. So what is the best way to get their attention you ask?

Well, behavioral scientists in Germany recently conducted a study to find out the most effective way to get a drink from the bar. The researchers from Bielefeld University in Germany, analyzed 105 customer attempts to order drinks at nightclubs in Germany and Scotland. They recorded dozens of customers and their actions before getting served. What did they find?

The most effective strategy is to stand squarely to the bar and look directly at the bartender as he or she moves around. You need to do both to communicate that you’re “bidding for attention.”

Introducing the term: Bartending robot.

A bartending robot has to be able to distinguish between customers intending to order, chatting with friends, or just passing by. It is important that the robot can detect that you want service in a noisy environment. There you have it. Bartenders are in the zone. They are not going to care to help you if you are fidgeting with your money, talking to a friend, or flirting. So don’t lean on the bar or focus too much on the menu. You must look that bartender square in the eyes and say (with your eyes) “I am here and I am thirsty”. It’s science.