Welcome to Void’s inaugural edition devoted to THE PLAYERS. We took on the task of letting our readers know the quirks and tidbits about an event that in its 40-year history has become synonymous with our community. From the initial concept of a “Stadium Golf Course” and the various upgrades made throughout the years, all have been done to increase the overall fan experience. Not to mention, the millions and millions of dollars raised for our local charities and the economic impact this tournament has on our city year after year.

In another 108-page issue (tied with last month’s as the biggest issues to date), we add a little color into THE PLAYERS by showing off events/parties, style guide, do’s and don’ts as well as interviews with golf’s biggest names in the game.

The pro players along with our local and up-and-coming golfers are solidifying North Florida as a powerhouse in the golfing nation. And Void is excited to bring this along with our usual coverage of surf, music, art and more from our beloved community that you have come to enjoy over the past three years.


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