Evan Geiselman Kona Pro

Evan Geiselman Being carried up the beach after his win at the Kona Pro Jax. Photo: Devin Rawiszer

On Feb. 3, 20 year-old professional surfer, Evan Geiselman stunned the entire surfing world with his performance at the Volcom Pipeline Pro on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

Void caught up with Geiselman this afternoon.”It was crazy man that was my first heat at Pipe and to get two waves like that in that short of time was special for sure. I’m still freaked out by it,” said Geiselman.

The New Smyrna Beach local, most recently known around Jacksonville as the reining champion of the Kona Pro Jax, took down Hawaiian local boy, and 3-time defending Volcom Pipe Pro Champion John John Florence.

Florence, known for his uncanny ability at Pipeline, was anticipated to be a force to be reckoned with in the later rounds of competition and his loss to Geiselman is considered a huge upset.

Although Geiselman is a household name for surf fans all over the world, the highlighted areas of his surfing have never been in big waves like Pipeline, so the win came as even more of a surprise considering Pipe was providing solid 6-8 foot waves. Along with Florence, Geiselman took down big name surfers, Californian, Parker Coffin and South African, Michael February.

As the heat commenced, Florence sat in last place, February in third, Coffin in second, and Geiselman on top with a total heat score of 18.53 out of a perfect 20, consisting of his two highest wave scores, an 8.90 and a 9.63.

His first wave, the 9.63, set the pace for the heat. He air dropped into a solid set wave, set his rail, and was “spit out” in epic fashion. He then followed up with an impressive 8.90 back up score, which secured his spot at the top of the heat.

He had fans going crazy from those on the beach at Pipeline to the viewers watching live all over the world.

“The amount of support I’ve got since the beginning of the event has been wild, but thank you everyone on the east coast and in Florida, It’s an unbelievable feeling and I hope I can keep it going tomorrow,” said Geiselman.


Often called, “The Golden Boy of Surfing” Evan is no stranger to the lime light. Photo: Devin Rawiszer

With this win, Geiselman moved on to the Round of 32, better known as Round 4 of competition. He will go up against fellow east coaster Brian Toth of Puerto Rico, as well as, Hawaiian Torrey Meister, and the United States’ Kaito Kino.

When asked what his game plan for the next round was, “I’m just really excited to have another heat out there. I’m going to continue having a lot of fun and go out with the mind set to get as barreled as possible,” he laughed.

Today was a lay day for competition as contest officials are waiting for the right conditions to run the contest. Next Call is tomorrow at 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time and fans can watch the competition live. Good Luck Evan and check back with us for updates on Evan’s run.

Evan’s waves come in around 3:30 on this highlight reel.