We are rapidly approaching a major date in history, guys and I am not talking about your Fourth of July bike ride down 1st street. No, the date I am talking about is October 21, 2015, or, Back To The Future Day. As if I even needed to remind you, that date is when Marty McFly drives his DeLorean from 1985, into the wild, crazy world of today … and, of course, that means that soon Marty McFly’s signature hoverboard should be available, right? Right?!

Of course! Well, sort of.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, a UK-based company known as MA (Malloy Aeronautics) is accepting pre-orders for a fully-functional hoverbike. That is right, this sucker can fly … err hover.

Photo courtesy of http://www.hover-bike.com/MA/

Photo courtesy of http://www.hover-bike.com/MA/

Look at this thing. Tell me Doc wouldn’t be proud. MA describes the vehicle as a hybrid helicopter/motorcycle, and is still accepting donations before it begins flight testing later this year. You can send in your request to MA to get put on a list to purchase one when they become available. The price is not available yet, but the third-sized model drone the company has invented sells for about $1,650, meaning it probably won’t be something you see often.

So, while the hoverbike isn’t exactly a hoverboard, and although it almost certainly won’t be ready for Marty’s triumphant arrival in October, it is still pretty cool, and it is not far away from being reality. The only real question now is if the Cubs can stay true to their Back To The Future form and make it to the World Series.