We’re pretty pumped over here at Void Mag. I, personally, have already taken 25 milligrams of acid… reflux medicine (I had a bad empanada). But, seriously, this is pretty cool: We’ll be hosting the premiere of STAB Magazine’s Electric Acid Surfboard Test starring the hard-charging, high flying, mercurial freesurf icon Noa Deane at our headquarters in Jax Beach on Saturday, March 14.

What is the Electric Acid Surfboard Test? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Deane and the tripped out Electric Acid Surfboard Test quiver || Photo: Ryan Chachi Craig

The deets from the folks at Volcom:

What is the Electric Acid Surfboard Test (EAST)? It’s one of Stab’s highest profiled film series! Tried and tested by Dane Reynolds and Steph Gilmore, EAST captures the attention of all surfers, performance junkies and alternative craft hero’s! This year we had Noa flip EAST on its head! We achieved this by placing Noa in the epicenter of raw power, Oahu’s North Shore. Noa brings a fresh and much needed dose to the Electric Acid Surfboard Test! 

The Surfboards: 12 designs inspired by the 80s, from T&C and Pang to Wade Tokoro, Al Merrick, John Pyzel, Simon Jones, Panda, Mayhem, Peter Schroff and more!

Word is a few of those fine crafts will be making their way to our offices, as well, for the premiere. And… there will be a special guest in attendance. Can you guess who?

The event kicks off at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 14 at our headquarters in Jax Beach (602 Shetter Avenue). It’s FREE to the public.

Keep checking back with us in the days ahead, as we’ll have more about the film, its star, and the event.