Editor’s Note: According to an internet blog, Jacksonville is Number 2 on a list of the 10 Least Hipster Cities in America. Debatable. Be sure to tune in Thursday to Radio Now 97.9 at 4:55PM for more Void updates!

Thursday, July 17

Enjoy a night of music and a variety of art at The North Beaches Art Walk in Atlantic Beach. The art walk will be from 5-9PM and will feature some of Jacksonville’s best local artists. For more information, please visit: North Beaches Art Walk

Friday, July 18

Saturday, July 19

The Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) will be hosting an exhibition that will explore the distillation of the human figure, as envisioned by New York-based artist Heather Cox. Her newest project, Crush, is composed of bodies that appear to have gone through an egg slicer and are then reassembled with missing pieces to create uncomfortable distortion of the figure. For more information, please visit: MOCA

Sunday, July 21

1904 Music Hall will be featuring The Aristocrats w/ Tony Smotherman Project& Artilect. Show starts at 10PM. For more information, please visit: 1904 Music Hall