America, we are in a time of crisis. Some very wealthy and powerful people are trying to pull us back into archaic days as they desperately cling to a warped view of the past that they hold in such high regard. We the people must put a stop to this blatant bastardization of our culture.


Obviously, I am talking about the epidemic of movie remakes and sequels that are suddenly popping up all over the place.

With this week’s announcement from Disney about another “Indiana Jones” movie, I am formally launching a protest against Hollywood. This cannot continue. I personally love the original trilogy of “Indiana Jones” movies and it pains me to see movie executives trying to drag out Harrison Ford’s old bloated corpse to squeeze a few more millions out of the franchise over 35 years after the first movie premiered.


This isn’t just a one time thing either. Recently it seems that movie studios are running out of original ideas. These last two years have given us remakes of “Ghostbusters” and “Point Break,” sequels to “Independence Day,” “Jurassic Park,” “Star Wars,” “Mad Max” and “Cloverfield,” not to mention the 4736th film in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. When will it end?


Please, stop. No one asked for this.

Remakes and sequels are always a disappointment. The legal cutoff to produce a sequel for a film should be three years, maximum. Sending a nearly 80-year old man on screen to try and recreate the stunts he performed decades ago is cruel and depressing. For many people, the magic of movies of like “Indiana Jones” and “Ghostbusters” comes from the fact that we watched them as children. We were captivated by these stories and hold a great amount of nostalgia for them. Trying to resurrect them years later with the main actors having aged significantly, or worse, with different actors altogether, ruins the magic.

Of course Hollywood only does things if they think it’ll get them the big money. Inevitably, fans of the original films will flock to theaters out of morbid curiosity or to try and relive some lost childhood nostalgia or even introduce their own children to these stories for the first time. Millions will be made and the cycle will never end.

We must demand more. We deserve new, unique movies. We need original stories and characters we have not seen before. Making movies should be about creativity and innovation, not recycling old dusty ideas from the vault. There are absolutely a bunch of interesting original films coming out, but none of them seem to get the hype that the old tired remakes get.

This is a call to the people of the world … stop paying to see these lame movies! If remakes and sequels stop pulling in tons of money, maybe filmmakers will be pressed to create something new instead. We can only hope it’s not too late to halt this downward spiral and we can come together to fix one of the most pressing problems that America is facing today.