With professional sports presently on hiatus–aside from wrestling, which is apparently essential business–tuning into any one of ESPN’s bevy of networks gives the impression that classic games and highlights from years-past will have to satiate fans for the time being. For Jags fans, that list of highlights may be too short to outlast whatever shelter-in-place timeline the CDC may have in mind. 

However, when looking for a contemporary Jags-infused highlight reel, one needn’t look any further than ace kicker Josh Lambo. Since joining the team in 2017, Lambo has put all 42 of his FG attempts through the uprights at TIAA Bank Field. 

As reliable as he’s become on the field, Lambo’s social media followers also depend on the 29-year old Texas A&M alum for advice and inspo on a broad range of topics. From the proper fedora fit to mellow acoustic grooves, the multiplex Lambo has even become one of the region’s most conscientious promoters of pet adoption. Proud papa to a rescue named Indie, in late-March Lambo offered to subsidize the costs of adopting a pet through local organizations and even pay for six months worth of puppy chow.  


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We tee’d up a few questions about quarantine exercise routines, music, the joy of pet ownership, as well as one about Gardner Minshew’s glorious mustache, and had Lambo kick ‘em between the posts. 

I know you’re in offseason mode, but how has the lockdown affected your job–which I imagine during this time of year involves lots of training? 

Off-season mode definitely involves getting ready for spring ball, so I’ve had to order a bunch of workout equipment to the house. I’ve always wanted a home gym and now I’m forced to have one- so that’s one benefit of all this mess. I just started to swing my leg again and I’ve had to kick balls over my house for practice [laughs]. I’ve had to be creative with my training, but it’s been loads of fun. I started making some workout videos at home to help people via Instagram which ended up fetching me my own workout show on Z Living [a lifestyle and health cable network]! It’s been pretty wild, but a super fun project. 

What’s your quarantine exercise routine look like? 

My exercises vary daily. I really just try to get three or four weight-training sessions in per week and some form of cardio six days. I’ve been using a rowing machine, treadmill for incline walking, agility work in the backyard (which is a fancy way of saying playing soccer with [my dog] Indie), kayaking, and running. 

Lots of time for music, I assume? How’s that coming along?

Music has been cool for me lately. Lots of time to reflect on scenes from my life and apply them toward original [song]s. I’ve written a few songs and am in the process of producing them. I’m missing playing with Eric Charlton and Billie Monarch around Jax, though! It’s always a blast playing gigs with them-I revel every time I get to perform with them. 

So in late March you offered to help cover costs of pet adoptions (as well as pet food for six months) for locals who adopted dogs. Can you tell me about the partnerships and results of that campaign? How many dogs are you on the hook for feeding now!?

Yeah! It’s been a stellar project so far and am proud of where it’s going. I just really wanted people that were serious about adopting dogs to feel some relief about the decision. It’s not the dog’s fault that this pandemic is occurring, and now is the perfect time for them to find forever homes! The owners have the time to love on them and train them, and the doggos get the love and security they deserve. We had 16 dogs adopted in the first week of my offer, so I decided to extend it for the next 20 dogs that get adopted through Fur Sisters. They are a wonderful organization based in Jax Beach and I’ve worked with them for a few years now. With the help of Fur Sisters, Pet Wants Jax Beach, and Pet Paradise, we will have 36 dogs adopted when this is all said and done. That’s a lot of dog food!

How’d you come up with the idea and why was that something near and dear to you?

I had the idea after seeing a tweet (I hope it was real) that a dog was so happy to have his family home for quarantine that he actually sprained his tail because he was wagging it so much! That really made me smile and happy to have my dog, Indie, at home with me. I want other individuals and families to make a dog so happy that it sprains its tail! Not actually sprained. A metaphorical sprain [laughs]. I decided that I wanted to make it not only easier, but also attractive to adopt these doggos. This offer was what I came up with and I’m beyond thrilled at its impact. Humans and dogs have a special relationship and it’s one we can always count on. 

Lastly, we’re certainly going to be relying on you and your buddy Gardner Minshew for points next season. So I think our readers need to know… how’s the mustache doing? Have you been able to get a glimpse of it via Facetime or Zoom interview during this pandemic? 

Haven’t talked to my man lately. I’m letting him grind!

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