Jacksonville just got a little jollier. Recently, the Filipino fast-food restaurant Jollibee has taken a step forward in opening a location on the First Coast — in Kernan Village to be exact. According to a Jollibee USA Facebook post, it plans to “open late this year.”

Jollibee Facebook

A sign that reads “opening soon … Jollibee” now hangs where the KFC and A&W restaurant used to be. Void reached out to Jollibee for an opening date, but it has yet to respond. This will be its first location in Florida, and the 33rd in the U.S., according to its website.

Jollibee’s Pinoy-inspired menu is what will distinguish it from typical fast-food joints that litter Jacksonville’s streets. Items like chickenjoy, which is fried chicken served with rice and gravy, will garner attention of the masses, especially because the closest Jollibee to Florida now is located in Virginia.

Other items include a cheeseburger with a pineapple slice called an amazing aloha, rice noodles with garlic sauce called fiesta noodles, spaghetti and sliders with Spam, corned beef or crunchy chicken.

Photo by George Parilla


Breakfast at Jollibee consists of home-cooked inspired dishes, which include pork sausage, beef tenders, corned beef and sweet pork served with an egg and rice. The dessert menu features items like peach mango pies and halo-halo, a Filipino dessert made with shaved ice, condensed milk, coconut, jellies, beans, flan and ube.

Jollibeemania is about to invade the First Coast, so keep calm and just know that peach mango pies are on the way.