Last year, Kim Kardashian, the reigning queen of reality TV, released her own emoji keyboard. It was met with mixed reactions, as is everything she does. If you’re a fan, you probably love being able to punctuate your own text conversations with her face. If you’re a hater, well, too bad.

While Kim K might be one of the most polarizing figures in America right now, one enterprising guy who is firmly against everything the Kardashians stand for, has created a little competition for Kim’s app. Mrs. Kardashian-West isn’t the only widely detested celebrity named Kim, after all.

Introducing Kimunji, an emoji set featuring the second most-hated Kim on Earth. Now with the help of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, you don’t need to rely on any boring old emojis to express yourself. Want to text your squad about how much you love North Best Korea? There’s an emoji for that!


Want to threaten to scorch the entire planet with your stockpile of nuclear weapons? Yep, there’s an emoji for that one too!


Who has the best ugly-cry face ever? Only one Kim can hold that title.


As soon as the citizens of North Korea get electricity and cell towers and internet, you know they’ll be loving these.