In the coming months, a plethora of beautiful, impactful art happenings are planned throughout Northeast Florida. Here’s one  we’re super jazzed on.

Book Launch: Channeling Anna Fletcher 
Non-fiction novel by Tim Gilmore
Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum | Springfield
Of our chroniclers of local storiesT-U Features Writer Matt Soergel and T-U Columnist Mark Woods come to mindperhaps none are as prolific, or as tuned in to the region’s idiosyncratic historical figures, as author Tim Gilmore. In October, Gilmore releases his 19th(!) book, the nonfiction novel Channeling Anna Fletcher. 

Fletcher Mansion at Church and Julia Streets, downtown Jax, comes from the September 1909 issue of Architects’ and Builders’ Magazine. Anna said the house was haunted. She told some wild tales about it, said a grandfather clock threw itself on a woman.

This go ‘round, Gilmore trains his discerning eye and research chops on the wife of twice-Mayor of Jacksonville Duncan Upshaw Fletcher, Anna Fletcher, a woman who Gilmore found not only struggled to find a voice in a world skeptical of outspoken women, but one who led a fascinating spiritual life as well, channeling mediums and participating in public arguments with 20th-century celebrity magician Harry Houdini. A book launched is held on Oct.19, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Other arts happenings we’re psyching on:
Maria Daitch’s “Coalesce & Undefine” @ Bold Bean Jax Beach
Maiya Elaine’s “Breach” @ Brew 5 Points
Shikeith’s “Imagining Flesh Through Shadows” @ JU
Through Our Eyes group show @ The Ritz Theatre and Museum
Alma Ramirez’s “By the Water” @ CAP
Jenny Hager-Vickery’s”Monumental Miniatures @ JIA
Madeleine Peck Wagner & Christine Chandler’s “Things of Flesh, Things of Spirit @ FSCJ 
Dustin Harewood’s “Warm Rain & Electricity” @ VyStar Tower

These entries originally appeared as part of a feature called “The Art We’ll Need in 2019-2020” in Void Magazine Vol. 10, Issue 6.