Imagine walking up to a machine, selecting your favorite adult beverage and having a perfectly mixed drink dispensed almost instantly. Well thanks to a startup company founded by a 23-year-old engineer and entrepreneur, now you can. Tended Bar is a self-serving, touchscreen enabled bar, that pours drinks with the touch of a button.

The company’s story begins when two brothers, Jay Perkins and Justin Honeysuckle, had a poolside cocktail on a beautiful day in Chicago and created the idea for an automated drink system. It was then invented by Perkins for his senior project during college while attending Purdue University. The project would go on to consume his life for the next year, but ultimately created a product he hopes will save people money in the service industry. Recently, Tended Bar received the attention of a well-known investor, who has big plans in store for the startup’s future.

Jay Perkins was one of nine finalists in the inaugural competition and was flown to Las Vegas to present his idea to several groups of investors. The team and Jay stayed in contact after the competition and Jay’s persistence in networking led him to a partnership with Mark Cuban Companies.

The device can serve up to 100 different drink combinations. It is only in one bar in Tennessee right now, but word is, it might just be on its way to Jacksonville. Everbank Field has ordered two Tended Bars, to be debuted during the upcoming Country Music Fest, that will take place in a few days. Everbank is getting them for the event, but it is unknown if they will be part of the stadium during football season. *fingers crossed*

Check out this video for more information on Tended Bar:

Tended Bar from TendedBar on Vimeo.