1. Immerse yourself in water – Refresh, rejuvenate, recharge. Whether it’s the ocean or a warm bubble bath, wash away any negativity and cleanse your body of all the day’s worries.

2. Get some shut-eye – Research has shown that weight loss, a boosted immune system, and an overall good mood are each products of a good night’s sleep. Even a quick nap leaves you feeling happier and helps to clear your mind of troubles.

3. Traveling – If possible, try to make it out to an unknown location. New faces, places, and experiences are sometimes what you need to feel great. Even a familiar, yet uncommon place will be a good change of scenery.

4. Music – Sounds and melodies have the ability to be nostalgic and heartwarming all at the same time. Upbeat music and cheerful lyrics can also make you dance and feel lighter.

5. Read a good book – A book can help you escape reality and follow your favorite characters in their great adventures and journeys.

6. Exercise – Endorphins make you instantly happier. Plus, accomplishing certain fitness goals can boost self-esteem and allow you to focus on positive things, like health and wellness.

7. Redecorate – Much like traveling, reinventing your surroundings brings new light into your day and can set you in a good mood for change.

8. Volunteer – No good deed goes unnoticed; others will appreciate what you do and the kindness can be passed on. Also, people’s gratitude and love with make you feel happier.

9. Kombucha – Love coffee but not the jittery, shaky feeling you get from it? Love beer but want to skip the hangover? Drink this fermented, healthier option! Rich in amino-acids, probiotics, antioxidants, glucuronic acid, trace minerals, B vitamins and more. It will make you feel oh so happy.

10. Love – Whether you have some wine with close friends, give your mom a phone call, snuggle with a partner, or adopt a loving puppy in need – love something and have it love you back. Nothing makes the mind, heart and soul happier.