With Earth Day approaching, there’s a lot of talk about making drastic changes to better the planet or our impact on the environment. No one is going to solve the world’s environmental problems overnight, but taking small steps like these will help to improve things in the long-term. So, add a few of these tips and tricks to your routine and know that Mother Nature will be smiling back at you.

  • When stepping out and driving for a few errands, make a list of places, you need to stop but do them in sections. Say to yourself, “Today, I will go to the south side and next time the west side of town. Don’t waste gas and time by driving all over town.
  • Use cloth when possible instead of paper towels in your household. Additionally, you can use organic paper products, cotton balls and cotton swabs when possible.
  • Decorate your home with fresh herbs and plants. They not only look good, but they purify the air and you can use the herbs to cook with. Just say no to faux.
  • After a visit to a makeup store or cosmetics counter. Don’t throw out the mascara applicator, lipstick wand and mini brush. Take them with you. These disposable items can be used more times than you think. Enjoy them!
  • Choose a cosmetic line that has minimal packaging. Although the packaging looks irresistible, the clear cellophane, expensive boxes and other things they are wrapped in cost YOU more money for the product. They also end up as paper waste.
  • Look for natural, biodegradable brand products when you can.
  • Ladies, do you have combination to oily skin? Instead of using a powder jar or a compact all the time, try powder papers. These beauties blot oil, tone down shine and powder the face at the same time. No fancy plastic compact with mirror needed. The powder papers also disintegrate and are not like using a powder puff. Guys love using them too.
  • Buy office supplies and writing utensils that are made with organic or recycled materials.
  • Reuse garbage bags around your office or home by taking a large trash bag and emptying all the smaller wastebaskets cans around your home or office into.
  • Instead of bottled water. Buy reusable water bottles. I personally found one that I love, and you can make your own healthy, fruit-infused water with ease. It is called “Define Bottle” and was created by a 15 year old. Great for the beach and in your car on-the-go. One section holds slices or chopped fruit and veggies and the other side you pour in the fresh water. It is so delicious and good for your health and skin too.

As you can see, you don’t have to be extreme to go green. Take baby steps. Living a green way of life takes little effort but makes such a big impact. Love Mother Earth and beautiful Florida and she will love you back.

By Noreen Young | Contributor