It’s no secret that Jacksonville is a huge city. Not only is its landmass the largest in the country, but it also has a plethora of different neighborhoods inside of it — all with their own quirks and activities.

So, if you’re a Jax local, how the heck do you tell your non-local friends about Jacksonville? Perhaps this can help.

Give them the lowdown on the Beaches.

Maybe I’m biased because I grew up in Neptune Beach, but (in my opinion) the Beaches in Jacksonville are the most welcoming and friendly areas in Northeast Florida. From the adorable Atlantic Beach Town Center that has local shops and eateries, to Jax Beach with its great and laid back bar scene, all accompanied by ocean views. Beer and ocean views? Your friends will definitely be jealous.

Tell them how you embarrassed yourself at rain dogs.

My first year of college was spent singing Amy Winehouse every Thursday night at rain dogs. I definitely didn’t sound that great, but it was fun! Located in the historical Five Points area of Riverside, rain dogs hosts a karaoke night every Thursday. rain dogs is a magical place that accepts you even if you suck at singing, so no need to do vocal warmups beforehand. Sure, you may miss a few notes and realize that your dreams of being the next American Idol won’t come true, but no one will judge you.

Impress your friends by showing off how cultured you are.

The 904 has some pretty amazing museums. MOCA, located in downtown Jacksonville, is the pinnacle of contemporary art in Jax. Owned by the University of North Florida, MOCA showcases student work in addition to curated exhibitions of pieces by artists like Hans Hofmann and Andy Warhol. If contemporary art isn’t your thing, The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens located in Riverside has art that spans hundreds of years. From medieval to abstract expressionism, you will expand your knowledge of art and culture … and, ya know, have something to talk about over wine and a charcuterie board.

Not done bragging yet? Tell your friends about Jacksonville’s coffee scene.

Bold Bean, Brew, Southern Roots, Southern Grounds and so many more amazing places to get your caffeine on. From the beaches to downtown, there’s always a place to get a great cup of Joe in Jax.

Show your love for Jax.

Jacksonville is rad. With all of its weirdness, it’s a really great city that locals should be proud of. Let your friends know about how it’s evolving and growing at a rapid rate — and how the people who live here are diverse and awesome (also, we have the Jaguars). It’s only a matter of time before the Bold City will get even bolder.