Following a record number of Tiger Shark attacks in Maui, many feared a backlash against the sharks by the public.  It appears this concern was well warranted.

A video posted by Mikey McCrum titled, “Catching a 12-14 Tiger Shark!” has sparked an outcry.  Oriana Kalama, founder of Ocean Defender Hawaii, made this statement to KLTV news in Maui about the controversial video.

“It’s viewed around the world as a person who lives in Hawaii who disrespects, not only our environment, but our cultural beliefs.  The shark, as a matter of fact, her name is Laverne, the shark is actually tagged and is a local resident of the area who gets fed on a regular basis by the fisherman of the Kona harbor.

She’s used to being in there and this kid took advantage of the situation and tortured her and abused her, and this is not acceptable.”  McCrum displayed a cavalier attitude, describing his video as “Big Rope + Big Cable + Big Hook + Big Bait = LIVE ACTION With A Big SHARK!!!!!”

This video contains explicit language and may be disturbing to some viewers. Watch it below…