The newest music video from LA-based Jacksonville-natives SWIMM features Lauren Ruth Ward, an energetic rock-and-roller based out of LA who also sings on the track. The video finds its initial pacing in the exciting, sun-washed stages of a love story unfurling. But, as is quickly revealed, not everything is what it seems. 

The song keeps a simple beat at a pace conducive for a contemplative walk. An acoustic guitar is the center of an array of fuzzy soft bass tones and dreamy arid synth pads. The lyrics are poetic and seem to move from flashbacks to confessions and, ultimately, to a heartbreaking duet that settles both voices around the phrase “She’s always on your mind,” a refrain that seems to be something on which they can both agree.

The gorgeously shot video for “You Never Fake It” is something else to behold, altogether. On first watch, I saw the narrative unfolding as a love triangle and considered it a soft warning about the perils of open relationships, as the story follows a co-dating arc of blissful beginnings that evolve into complicated emotions, ultimately leading to anguish that seems to transcend the human experience and the eternity of time (not speaking from experience or anything, I swear).

The video is certainly sensual; and could easily be misinterpreted as shallow eye-candy. I played it back because, while it’s nice to watch pretty people make out, the video’s nonlinear arc had me confused. Who ends up with who?! 

Upon a second viewing, I came to see the opening scene as the ending. Seemingly distraught frontman Chris Hess’s character orders a cup of a tea and an elegant piece of cake. He doesn’t end up with the girl. Instead, he’s eating his cake. They love each other, but she’ll always leave him for a woman. The delicate glances and subtle sadnesses explore the fluidity of sexuality and the fragile line between love and lust–but, again, who am I to say for certain?

“You Never Fake It” allows plenty of room for interpretation. Even without a dive into deeper meaning, it satiates a casual eye looking to suspend reality with soft-light-drenched, butterfly-filled fantasies. 

Click play for a tasty treat.

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