Swimm has been quite busy in recent years since they left their native state of Florida and moved to the West Coast. After recently releasing a few new singles in recent months and even getting the opportunity to be interviewed by NYLON Magazine in NYC, the indie rock duo is set to return to Florida and the 904 this September for a tour through Florida. To help get the word out and catch up with one of our favorite bands, we asked them a few questions about the upcoming tour.

So, for some fans from Florida who might not know, what have you guys been up to since the move to LA?

We’ve been writing, recording, releasing music, throwing warehouse shows, curated and headlined our own festival called “Love You Down” (which will be coming to Orlando in 2018), camping, surfing and eating mushrooms in the desert.

How has the reception been on the larger scale of the LA market?

It’s been incredible! We’ve received a ton of love and support, which has really helped make LA feel like a second home. It was definitely a grind of playing anything we could get for a little while, but the biggest help was when we decided to take it into our own hands and put on crazy shows at our warehouse. We transform the place every time, get sponsors for booze and create an “anything goes” sort of vibe for one night. A big break was when the Echo offered us our own month-long residency. It is sort of a rite of passage in LA. Especially at the Echo since it’s been the coolest venue of that size for the last 15-20 years. After that residency, we were able to have our own headline shows there, at the Troubadour and then on to our first mini-fest, “Love You Down.”

Photo by Alex Nelson

Swimm has released a pretty steady stream of music over the last couple of years, how have some of the recent releases gone?

Yeah we have so much finished material and continue to write new stuff daily, so the steady stream will continue throughout the year. So far, all of the recent releases have felt wonderful! When we were in NYC, we got to go into the offices of NYLON magazine for an interview. The girl that interviewed really did such a thorough piece on us, our newest single “Bedrooms” and what inspired some of the peculiar album art. The songs we have been releasing have been some of the most emotionally charged songs we’ve ever written. The response has shown too — seems like people are connecting to them on a deeper level than we’ve ever felt, which is wild.

Are you guys planning on a full-fledged album anytime soon? What else is in the works for the band?

Yeah we plan to release a song every month for the next few months then drop the remainder of the album late this year. Other then that, we’re working with this really rad promotion team called Spaceland Presents to make our festival “Love You Down” even bigger next year. As I mention before we’re also working with a crew in Florida to bring it to Orlando.

Tell us a little about the show here and the tour you’re doing.

We’re really excited to get back to Florida. The most exciting part about this particular tour is that the shows in Jacksonville and Orlando are with Warpaint. They have been one of our favorite bands for like eight years — a total dream to get to play with them. The Jacksonville show is Sept. 16 at Jack Rabbits. Also doing one with them at The Social in Orlando (Sept. 14) and our own shows in Tampa (Sept. 13) and Indialantic (Sept. 15).

Is it important for you guys to come back to your home state and fan base?

Yeah it’s very important to us, feels like a family reunion every time.

Where can people stay up to date on Swimm?

The best thing to follow is probably our Instagram, which is SWIMM_music. I (Chris) keep a blog where I write everything from stories behind songs, essays, ridiculous social commentary and more.

Keep up with Swimm on these platforms:

FB: facebook.com/swimmmusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/swimmmusic
Twitter: @SWIMMmusic
Webpage: SWIMMmusic.com