Happy Groundhog’s Day! As our furry little winter foe poked his head out of his burrow today, reports are coming out that he didn’t stray from his shadow and winter may be cut short this year (if you can even trust that “prophetic” rodent). With a few glimpses of winter creeping into the south so far this season, we’ve also had some amazingly warm days of weather that we love in Florida! Not so fast there Phil, it looks like winter is still going to give us another taste of bad medicine soon. That bad medicine is the cold, but the good medicine is the surf that comes along with it! As Mother Nature kicked Jonas out to sea, now his twin sister Kayla is sweeping in for what many states will be calling round two — with a twist.


Warm air has spread out over the southern region the last few days giving us some awesome spring-like conditions that should hold through Friday. As Kayla swings in from the Great Lake states carrying record snowfall with her, she will also be packing a punch of some heavy winds in her trail that could cause a lot of trouble for the folks to the north and west. Luckily for us, she’s not dipping far enough south to create the same weather pattern as Jonas did, but she is such a dense, doubled up low-pressure system that we will see a significant increase in windswell/groundswell mix into Super Bowl Sunday and the beginning of next week!


As the tail end of Kayla makes her way off the East Coast over the next few days and into the weekend, the wind models are very scattered, but we do know she could bring us some rain and cooling temps along with some punchy surf! Don’t care much about Super Bowl weekend? This could be a great weekend to catch a little beefier and warmer surf down south, or the last ditch winter mission to the Caribbean to score some winter time blue water juice. Whether you stay or you go on a mission, there will be waves coming Friday, until then, we’ll have some small surf to warm up on before the significant increase this weekend.


SURF: 2-3ft
WIND: SSE 10-15 all day


SURF: 1-3ft
WIND: light S winds in the AM turning WNW 5-10+ in PM


SURF: 2-3ft
WIND: N to NW 10-15 in AM turning NNE 15+ in PM


SURF: *3-5ft*
WIND: N winds in AM 5-10 turning NNE 10-15 in PM