Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and is off and surfing into the new week! Gotta love daylight savings time to be able to get out for a session after work and school! We have a fun mix of groundswell/windswell mix out there and it looks to be holding through the rest of the week! Some massive blends of weather systems are bashing through the midwest causing lots of havoc and sucking up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Deadly tornados, huge hail storms and turbulent weather are expected to move throughout the Midwest and through the South over the course of the rest of the week and into the weekend. Over the next couple of days, the weather patterns will shift all over the place, and we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for changes towards the weekend forecast, but activity in the atmosphere equals motion in the ocean!


Our current nor’eastery conditions will break up after today, and as the systems push closer to the region and then offshore, we’ll have a double dose of Bermuda Lows creating a nice little suckup swell. Many of us are already shedding some skin into the baggy days, but there still will be some mornings and days ahead when a topper or spring would do you well, so get into your local surf shops to score before the pickens get slim into late spring and summer. We’ll have waist-to-chest-high surf through Saturday with a little lull in swell height into the weekend, then round two kicks in early next week! Stay tuned folks, it could get interesting. At least we like the trend of consistency we’re seeing so far into the spring season as we await that final push in the jet-stream to turn things more in our window for a stacked up swell!



SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: light ESE winds in AM less than 5 increasing to 5-10+ in PM


SURF: *2-3ft+*
WIND: light SW winds in AM  less than 5 increasing to 5-10+ in PM


SURF: *2-3ft+*
WIND: WSW winds 5-10 in AM increasing to 10-15+ in PM


SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: NW winds 5-10+ most of the day laying down before sunset