We’re back! Bigger, Better, Faster, and Stronger! We’ve had some good runs of swells while we were out on a relaunch, and we have another pulse of swell on tap for this week! This winter has been good to us and the rest of the Right Coast! It has been blustery at times, and we’ve had to tuff out some chilly days, but the El Nino season has rewarded us one of the best winters on record in the wake of a dismal 2015 Hurricane Season… We Deserved it! Winter is slowly winding down and day light savings time is kicking in this coming weekend! Longer days, warming trends, and the ability to peel off some layers soon and get ready for some spring swells which always serve us well. Get ready to wax ’em up again this week! We will have a huge doubled up Bermuda High dominating the East Coast and we should see some increasing wind/groundswell filling in throughout the week! We may see some ups and downs this week as the suck-up effect is in play with the winds clocking around mid week, and we are coming into a new moon phase with some super negative low tides!


So what’s going on with El Nino? He has been rocking the Pacific with some of the most epic swells and conditions in history this winter, and has tweaked our weather patterns enough to put an overall positive effect on our winter too! As we warm up into spring most models show the transition into what is called the “ENSO-neutral” phase where there are no signs of El Nino or La Nino, sort of a dormant period. Historically though all models point to an enhanced La Nina season following a historical strong El Nino, and La Nina is “our” season that we have been deservedly waiting for for years! We will have to sit and wait to see how it pans out but in the data tables below you can see the El Nino fading away and eventually La Nina kicking in full gear!

Picture 3

A HUGE local shout out to Evan Thompson for winning the Corona Extra Pro at Domes in Puerto Rico today, and Asher Nolan right behind in a close second! Also Kayla Durden surfed hard all week to a second place finish in the women’s pro! A strong testament to the talent level that is coming out of the 904! Congrats guys and gal, you make us all hold our heads high back home! Take some notes groms, the hard work and dedication these local pros put in pays off on the podiums!




SURF: 1-3ft
WIND: E winds 5-10 all day


SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: SE winds 5-10 all day


SURF: *2-3ft+*
WIND: SE winds 5-10+ all day


SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: SE winds 5-10 in AM increasing to 15-20 in PM