Void is proud to present this distinctive batch of shred sleds, each one conscientiously curated with the North Florida surfer in mind. Through a collaboration with renowned local shaper Mike Whisnant, we’ve ventured to design a quiver of boards well-suited for the variety of waves our region offers and the eclectic community of surfers who ride them.

The Black Flag

With plenty of float, low entry rocker that accelerates through the tail, and a five-fin option for added variety, The Black Flag was designed to Make Surfing Fun Again. A go-to, foundational board to build a proper Florida quiver around, with this high performance groveler, you can surf this board no matter what the waves are doing, and fly your flag every day of the week.
Recommended sizes: 5’2″- 6’2″
Available colors: Black, Red, Teal, Gold, Clear 



The Abyss

Pairing a ’70s style single-fin outline with modern design elements, The Abyss allows for retro flow, without compromising performance. With a mellow entry rocker and a hard edge beyond a winged pin tail, the Abyss can handle any wave you can claw into. Recommended with a 7-inch fin for optimal hold.
Available sizes: 6’4″-7’10”
Available colors: Gold, Red, Black, Teal, Clear


Red Mullet

Based on the famous Lis-fish, the Redfish maintains the classic outline and full volume that have long made the twin-fish a fun changeup to the high-performance thruster. Modern rails enhance the board’s ability to go top to bottom, while the low entry rocker helps the rider paddle in and generate speed with minimal effort.
Recommended sizes: 5’2″-6’2″
Available colors: Red, Black, Gold, Teal, Clear