Flagler Beach surfer Saxon Wilson‘s dance is an aesthetically pleasing one. Stalky like Bernard Farrelly, a Mike Hynson-esque feel for trim, and that low-center-of-gravity that seems to allow for a great escapes from precarious sections, Wilson’s got it all working. And it’s a pleasure to watch.

Local sharpshooter Luke Kothera agrees. He’s been training his creative lens on Wilson for some time now, bouncing around the globe, but–with perhaps the most alluring results–up and down the Atlantic Coast of the Sunshine State.

Here, in the immensely groovy short “KANEKAILA,” Kothera’s meshed together a boatload of quality clips, with Saxon riding a range of crafts–from self-shaped sleds to Thomas Bexon logs–all ’round the duo’s home state of Florida.

Click play to watch a dozen minutes of Wilson’s Sunshine State shuffle.

KANEKAILA from Luke Kothera on Vimeo.