Longtime standout Northeast Florida surfer Jason Motes is known widely in the world of surfing. After decades of dominating the Eastern Surfing Association circuit and nearly two-dozen ESA championships in various divisions, those on the Atlantic Coast of the USofA are, by now, quite used to Iron Man Motes pummeling them in heats. Locally, he’s a fixture at the Jax Beach pier, where–when he’s not holding down the high-tide pier bowl–Surf Coach Motes is hooting a gaggle of groms over the ledge.

Motes with his signature Savage Surfboard.

In addition, Motes is the ESA All-Star coach. And he’s recently gunning for a new nickname: Talk Show Host Motes.

Over the last few weeks, just as syndicated late night hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert have been conducting interviews remotely, Motes has been using his well-earned surf stripes to ring up a heavy hitting guest list of eastern seaboard born-and-bred surf stars. The resulting YouTube interview series “ESA Talking Story” is must-watch television… er… YouTube. So far, Talk Show Host Motes has turned the screws on Cory Lopez, Rob Kelly, CJ Hobgood, and, just yesterday, he interviewed former pro-surfer, one-time Slater-whisperer, and perennial King of the Peak, Matt Kechele.

Is Motes the king of East Coast surfing? He’s certainly the Larry King. And we hope, like the longtime suspender-clad TV host, Motes can keep the interviews coming for years, even decades. Lord knows there’s enough stories to talk on the East Coast for a lifetime of interviews.

Click below to watch Motes and Kechele talk story. And click here to subscribe to the ESA’s YouTube channel.