The longest running surf camp on the First Coast is back for its 19th summer. Surf into Summer Surf Camp, sponsored by Aqua East Surf Shop, teaches aspiring young surfers how to stay safe in the waves while having a great time. Learning from some of the best teachers North Florida has to offer, the camp kicks off June 2, and has week long camps through August 15. The Monday to Friday camp is open to both boys and girls, ages 7 and up, with roughly 50 campers in each surf camp.  From 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., the camp is $205 per week. Surf camp locations are in Jacksonville Beach at Seagate Ave, and Ponte Vedra Beach at Micklers Landing. All experience levels of surfers are encouraged to attend!

Your day at surf camp starts with stretching and going over safety precautions when in the water. After the first surf session, campers will regroup to go over beach drills and reapply sunscreen before heading back out for the second session in the water.

Surf campers will learn everything from the basics of paddling and how to stand up on a board, as well as the key knowledge on ocean safety from CPR certified instructors. While the majority of the camp is spent in the water learning to surf, all sessions start with water safety and proper surfing etiquette.

“You’re doing too much, do less.”

Surf safety is extremely important in Surf into Summer. There is a always a lifeguard on duty during camp. One instructor is assigned to three surfers, which ensures safe, quality instructions. Surf into Summer’s no. 1 objective is to make sure all campers are safe. Campers are taught how to keep an eye out for their fellow surfers. They are instructed to wear a leash, never surf alone and surf waves of their capability. As the campers progress, they can take on bigger waves. Some rules of thumb when you’re out there is to always respect the ocean, don’t steal other’s waves or drive out to the middle of the line up, and respect the locals of the area you are surfing in.  As Surf into Summer says, “To gain respect, you must show respect.”

All equipment for the day is provided, including hard boards, soft boards, wetsuits, leashes, wax, etc., all of good quality. If  a camper wishes to bring their own board, the instructors will work with the camper until they are ready to take it out.   You can identify surfers and campers according to the color rash guards they are wearing. Campers should wear a bathing suit and sunscreen, bring a towel and t-shirt or rash guard each day. Snacks and drinks are provided for the campers, and they are strongly encouraged to stay hydrated!

Head counselor, Brent Lamprecht, has been an instructor of Surf into Summer for 7 years now. Brent looks forward to this event every summer, saying how much he enjoys teaching and sharing his passion for surfing to the campers. He didn’t forget to mentioning that every Friday after camp, the surfers head back to Aqua East for a pizza party.

Advanced surf camps, private surf lessons and overnight surf camps are also available.

Register now! For more information on Surf into Summer, and how to sign up, check out: Beach