After a great run of Fall/Winter surf, it appears we may soon endure a Tis’ the Season flat spell. But not without one last gas before Christmas! We have a huge “plunge” in the jet stream dipping all the way down into the Gulf creating a swooping pattern. It’s a good kind of sucking, as two low pressure systems are set to give most of the state some Tropical Storm-like conditions. Expect heavy rains and floods over the next 24-hours, then some honking winds coming behind the front. Lots of activity in the air will create lots of activity in the water. And thus: a one-hit-wonder swell starting today and will stick until tomorrow afternoon.

Waist to chest high surf is expected, with some strong offshore winds beating it down fast. But if you have time to suit up and get on it, you could get some blowing off the top barrels at the right place and time.

After tomorrow, as the front rapidly moves on, offshore winds will prevail for the longest stretch we’ve seen in a while and it will be flat through Christmas (the wrong kind of sucking). So it’s time to get out to your favorite local surf shops for all your last minute shopping needs for the surfers in your family. Some more swell on the horizon later into next week, but for now, tomorrow is your last chance to get on it and score some fun waves–unless you’re spending Christmas in the Bahamas then you’re really going to score this weekend!

SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: SW winds 25-30 all day!

SURF: 1ft
SWELL: none
WIND: W winds 10-15 all day

SURF: 1ft
SWELL: none
WIND: W winds 5-10 all day

SURF: 1ft
SWELL: none
WIND: NW winds 10-15 in AM decreasing to 5-10 in PM

SURF: 1ft
SWELL: none
WIND: light WSW winds in AM turning NE 5-10 in PM

SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: E to ENE 15-20 all day

SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: SE winds 10-15 all day