Surf Concepts, an affiliated company of Salt Life Restaurant Group, just recently inked a 10 year development deal with Source Interlink Companies to create 12 restaurants/bars across the United States that will be named Surfer Magazine, The Bar.

Dubbed the “bible of the sport”, Surfer Magazine will work in a synonymous partnership with Surf Concepts to place the new restaurant/bar concept in key locations across the east coast with a strong focus in Florida  and California and eventual hopes to expand even further.


Each new location could either be a stand-alone bar or become a co-branded location that’s paired with a Salt Life Food Shack, creating a beneficial and unique partnership.

Greg Saig, the owner of Salt Life Restaurant Group, said the process took about 6 months to complete. “By the nature of the business, Salt Life wants to be on the West Coast so this partnership with the iconic Surfer Magazine makes sense for all the brands involved”.

Surfer Magazine, The Bar will have a museum element of design based upon iconic imagery from the same magazine that has been in existence for 60 years. Live music and partnerships with local surfing competitions will also be a key strategy for each location.


“Surfer Magazine is a great brand and has done very well for themselves which is evident in 60 years of business. To able to have the Salt Life brand coincide with the bible of the industry is very exciting” said Saig.

Surf Concepts hopes to have the first Surfer Magazine, The Bar open within a year and a half with the new location likely in North Florida.