The road is calling. With COVID-related restrictions grounding our most ambitious travel plans, many have taken to the time-honored road trip. All one needs, it seems, is a steel horse, a crew that’s DFW, and a little imagination and suddenly the world opens up.

Months back, an eclectic unit of Northeast Florida wave riders loaded up an assortment of surf crafts with myriad fin setups, hopped in a beat up van, and headed northbound on Interstate 95. Fueled by (a sh**-ton of) coffee, wanderlust, and a desire to slide, Trenton Phillips, Bailey Riggan, and Chris Hastings found everything they were looking for–handful of playful peelers, as well as some concrete transitions to shred–and plenty else.

St. Augustine lens-person Luke Kothera tagged along, documenting the adventure and chopping up the fun-(and coffee-)fueled edit “Caffeine Cowboy.”

Hit play to peep a road story propelled at times by zero fins, one fin, and third-wave coffee.