New year, new you, right? Many of us want to feel better and look better in 2016, and if you’re looking for an edge to gain on improving your health, try out some of these well-known herbal options.


Fish Oil (Omega-3): Don’t be turned off by “fish oil,”  because if you’re struggling to remember that person’s name from the bar last night or the winter season is really bringing you down, this may be for you. Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to help with depression, lower blood pressure, improve memory, help keep your heart healthy and more. The fishy aftertaste is largely gone from this supplement as well (thank god).


Kudzu: If your first solution at the end of a long day is to have a drink, the Kudzu herb could help you out, as it has been known to curb the desire for alcohol. Other benefits linked to the plant are an increase of blood flow to help with stiffness and muscle pain, which makes this a great natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers.


St John’s Wort: St. John’s Wort is know to help with mild depression and other mental disorders, such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), menopausal mood swings and premenstrual syndrome. In certain studies, it has even been shown to help in lessening the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, as well as reducing the craving for alcohol.


Holy Basil: If you’re not feeling stressed at some point in your life, then you’re an anomaly. For the rest of us pulling out our hair, there just might be a convenient, natural solution. Holy Basil has been known to help decrease anxiety and stress, and has also been used to treat the common cold, bronchitis and certain digestive complaints, such as ulcers.


Vitamin B: The B’s Knees. You’ve probably been told at least once in your life to take your vitamins A-Z, but one vitamin you might want to focus on is your vitamin B intake. One key component of vitamin B is that it helps turn food into fuel. It also helps increase the health of skin and hair and prevents memory loss and even migraines. Vitamin B can also help provide your body with a subtle energy boost.

Note: Always make sure you’re eligible to take certain vitamins and herbal supplements, as there are many that are not for everyone. As with anything, take these with a grain of salt (not literally … duh) and in moderation.