The “controversial” brand, Dear Kate, is at it again. Their Ada collection, released this August, featured real tech executives in their underwear. The ad campaign included Rebecca Garcia, co-founder of CoderDojo NYC, and Adda Birnir, co-founder of Skillcrush wearing the brand’s technologically advanced panties. Now, Dear Kate creator, Julie Sygiel, teamed up with Brooklyn-based designer Shelly Ni. Their collaboration gave birth to Dear Kate X The Leaguge of Ladies, a limited-edition collection featuring important female figures from history.

The collection is made from the same leak-resistant material all Dear Kate panties are made from, but they also feature something the other collections don’t have. Super-hero versions of Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie and Frida Kahlo grace the fronts of these skivvies. The combination of revolutionary protection and super-hero empowerment make these ideal for the multifaceted, super-powered ladies of the world.

Like the previous collection, Dear Kate X The League of Ladies turned to real-life women to model the underwear. This collection’s roster includes Roxanne Fequiere, editor-in-chief of Golly Magazine and comedian Jackie Zebowski who stars in the web series Rare Bird of Fashion. The collection was released October 23, and helps celebrate the hard working woman.