It’s Tuesday, and the SUPER FOOD truck is parked under the trees at Key Auto on Southside Boulevard.  Color-coordinated chairs clustered in the shade provide a pleasant place to wait for your order.

Super Food truck offers some eclectic choices for lunch today.

We went with the Chicken Bahn Mi and the Lettuce Wrap, with a side of fried Mac and Cheese Balls to share.

photo 4

Bahn Mi (I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite…)

The chicken bahn mi has moist chunks of chicken, coated in a flavorful soy sauce marinade.  It is topped with a slaw made from shredded carrots, cucumber, and daikon (an Asian white radish) with a hoisin sauce that adds the perfect sweetness.  A drizzle of cilantro lime aioli adds a delightful tartness, and the baguette is warm and toasted just right.

The lettuce wrap is filled with spinach (so shouldn’t it be a spinach wrap?), arugula, tomatoes and cucumber wrapped in a sundried tomato tortilla.  A touch of goat cheese and pesto lines the inside of the wrap without overpowering it. A fabulous salad dressing made from tarragon oil and balsamic vinegar tops it all off.

photo 5

Half of a Lettuce Wrap

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls?  What a great invention!  A scoop of macaroni and cheese, gooey and a little spicy, is rolled in a crumb-type of coating and fried.  A dipping sauce is served on the side.  The mac and cheese balls came out a little dark, perhaps fried a bit too long, but are still delicious when dipped in the sauce.

Other offerings include a quesadilla (pulled pork, cojita cheese, a honey lime slaw and handmade guacamole), a turkey pesto panini (turkey, prosciutto, avocado, arugula, spiced tomato and goat cheese on a French baguette), a blackened fish sandwich (with cucumber, spinach, tomato on a kaiser roll with smoked tomato remoulade), and a grilled cheese (with pulled pork, tomato and American cheese).  Average price is $8.  They also offer fried cheesecake for dessert!  It is a well-known fact that anything tastes good when fried.

As he packages up my order, the friendly food trucker offers me a “beverage on the house.” (And no, I did not say, “Hey, I’m from Void and I’m reviewing your truck!”)

Before I tried Super Food truck, I would not have expected to find the quality and flavor of food, or the eclectic menu, from this Jacksonville truckie.  Now I know better:  Super Food Truck is definitely worth trying on your next lunch break.