It’s Super Bowl Weekend, and yes, the Jags will get there one day. As an NFL city, you do feel a little intimate connection to the weekend, as well as the waves! Winter Storm Kayla has trudged through, and as mentioned in the forecast earlier in the week, there could be a twist with a change in forecast to occur. Just as Jonas brought us some winter weather to remember, or forget, Kayla and her other sister Lexi may do the same, but could be slightly more subtle with a touch of sunshine before the wind and rain. Lexi is now rearing down in the trails behind Kayla’s path, and they may even have another relative coming in fast later next week. If hurricane season 2015 was something to forget, winter 2016 may be one for the record books for the East Coast and Caribbean!

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We will have some sold mix of windswell/groundswell through Monday of next week! It’s time to slap on the rubber layers and get on it! It will not be for the faint of heart, and will be some thumping conditions, so if you aren’t up to the task, play it safe! If you want to head south past the Cape you may find some slightly bigger and warmer surf, but the tricky thing is where is the swell direction going to be just right! If you have to bail out on the Super Bowl Party, this could be your time to score in just about any remote island winter destination to the south of us! On the home court the winds will shape up come Sunday, and you can get out there for some Nor’east conditions which set up so well for us here in the 904!


SURF: 2-4ft
WIND: N winds 15-20 with gusts up to 25!


SURF: *3-5ft*
WIND: NW winds 10-15+ all day


SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: W to WSW winds 10-15 with gusts up to 20 all day!


SURF: *1-3ft*
WIND: W winds 15-20+ all day