Let’s talk about Deflategate or Marshawn Lynch’s media relations. Just kidding, there’s actually a great game to be played here, aside from the bullsh*t. For the second straight year, the top two seeds in the NFC and AFC will face off, this one may be a bit more competitive than last year, with the Seahawks as one point favorites in Vegas.

The most notable units on these two teams will face off, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski against the Legion of Boom, Seattle’s secondary, led by Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. They only averaged giving up about 41 yards per game to TE’s all season. Gronk led all tight ends in yards and is the guy that makes the Patriots’ offense go. If Seattle can shut him down with Chancellor or some of their linebackers, the Patriot Offense might struggle.

That brings us to the biggest advantage the Pats may have — their running game with their big bruiser LeGarrette Blount. He is already the Pats’ all-time postseason rusher, mostly because of two big games against the Colts the last two years. It also goes at the one weakness of Seattle’s D … their run defense. Eddie Lacy was successful for the Packers in the NFC title game, but only for the first half. If you look at games Seattle has lost this year, Dallas and Kansas City mostly, they were gashed by the run. If New England can control the run game, they might have trouble getting Brady off the field.

On the other side, Seattle will look to avoid a repeat of the NFC title game, where they had five turnovers. QB Russell Wilson is usually turnover free, or close too it. RB Lynch, is coming off of a monster game and is what makes this offense work. The Patriots will have to get around their zone-blocking scheme and stifle Lynch. NE has a good secondary, led by Devin Mccourty and Darrell Revis that should cause the Seahawks’ receivers to struggle.

I think this will be a low-scoring game, just like many of NE’s five previous Super Bowls. Everyone of those games was decided by one score and this one may be as well. NE is going to have to shut down Marshawn Lynch which I think they will do, and they will be able to run over Seattle with Blount. Patriots 20, Seahawks 17.