Get your pizza, nachos and beer ready. It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday.

For a lot of people, that means looking at their phones during the game and paying attention during the commercials, while pretending to care about the game as they ask their more football-savvy friends what a first down is.

For those of you who do know what a first down is and follow the NFL, here’s a quick preview of the game.

Actually, before we get into the Super Bowl preview, let’s get a quick Pro Bowl preview:

No one cares …

All right, now that we’ve previewed the Pro Bowl, let’s get to the game that actually matters.


The Patriots are stacked … as always

As expected, the Pats are stacked. They’re three point favorites over the Falcons, and understandably so. The Pats have only lost two games all season. They’re also on a nine-game winning streak. With one of the best quarterbacks of not only this season, but of all-time, Tom Brady is leading the way, and it’s going to be an upset if Atlanta can pull off the win. They’re closest win was by two points. But that was way back in the first game of the regular season against the Cardinals. If you’re looking to make some money off this game, the safe route would be to put it on the Pats.

But don’t count the Falcons out …

Now, I’m not saying that the Falcons will win, but it looks like if any team is going to give New England a run for their money in the big game, it’s gonna be Atlanta. Atlanta doesn’t have the resumé New England has. An 11-5 record, while certainly not bad by any means, is nothing remarkable. But Atlanta has a more impressive hot streak going. The postseason they’ve had has been phenomenal. They’ve beaten nothing but quality competition, and convincingly, too. I would’ve picked both Seattle and Green Bay to make it to the Super Bowl before picking Atlanta, but the Falcons rolled through both teams. That’s why I’m saying if anyone has the chance to beat the Pats, it’s Atlanta.


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