Jacksonville Beach’s very own Sunrise Surf Shop and their surf team competed and took home a win in the 2013 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge National Championship against 6 of the best surf shops in the nation.

Every team consisted of two shop employees and two team pros. For Sunrise, that means you have the incredibly talented combination that is, Dane Jefferys, Garrett Carmichael, Ryan Briggs, and Evan Thompson!

The event was held, in near perfect conditions, at Keramas on the eastern coast of Bali, Indonesia. An ideal location for a contest as the one of the world’s most rippable waves, breaks right off the shore. Keramas is known to offer up perfect barrels at the takeoff, several intense vertical turn sections, and a launching pad end section for your choice of your favorite aerial maneuver.

The final came down to a nail biting 60 minute tag-team session between Sunrise, Southwest, 7thStreet, and Sweetwater. Though all of the teams were surfing incredible, Sunrise was able to bring home the win with an incredible performance.

Garrett’s opening exchanges put solid points on the board early for the team. Briggs was able to substitute in and better Garrett’s opening rides inching them closer to the lead, but still out of reach. Evan Thompson switched with Briggs just after the halfway point in the heat, giving them plenty of time to pack a few good scores. Sitting in priority at the peak, Evan was able to pull into a deep tube and was spit out only to combo a grab-rail carve that landed him a 9.0, catapulting Sunrise into the lead! Dane Jefferys put on a great performance and was able to keep the other teams off to hold them into a first place finish.

Not only did they bring home the title of being the most badass surf team in the whole country, but they also landed a check for $10,000 and a full-page shop profile spread in SURFER Magazine!

Congratulations to Sunrise and all of the boys for another outstanding finish in Bali!

Words by Mohammed Raoof