The term “summer” means so many things. It means sneaking to the ocean for a few hours before work. It implies long bike rides and evening runs along our St. Johns River. Watermelon makes the best lunch, and session IPA’s wash down every grilled dinner. Everything is sweeter during the summer. What is the most sweet? The nectar that cools the most parched lips — beer. With summertime fast approaching and the temperature already reaching the high 90s, we figured it would be best to let you know what needs to be in your koozie or pint glass this summer. These brews are significant, stimulating and downright tasty.

What To Sip This Summer

  • Brooklyn Summer Ale — This sunny pale ale should be present at every barbeque. Fresh British Barley paired with German and American hops create a bright, clean bitterness that begs to be sipped in the sunshine. It is light and refreshing to pair perfectly with brunch, a summer squash quiche, or any seafood dish. So, sit back and savor this brew on a stoop or rooftop — Brooklyn style.
  • Uinta Baba Black Lager — A lager that is pitch black in color, but oh so light on the tongue. This brew will turn any hop freak into a lager fan. The specific style of this beverage is a schwarzbier. In Germany, this characterizes it as a light-bodied and drinkable lager, laced with a dark, roasted character. With a robust start and smooth finish, baba pairs with any grilled goods, or even some Tuscan treats. This beer is proof that light summer beers do not have to sacrifice on flavor. Baba black sheep, have you any brews?
  • Rivertown Divergent Sour Ale — The champagne of sours, Divergent is completely tantalizing. This sour ale is wonderfully done and is perfect for long beach days in the sun. At only 3.8 percent ABV, this brew could be consumed on the sand without the worry of being too inebriated to stroll over to V pizza for some dinner. This beer is a sour lover’s summertime fantasy. Pick up this Rivertown brew and drink it up in the River City. Your taste buds will thank you.
  • Terrapin Maggies Peach Farmhouse Ale — This saison pairs fuzzy peaches and funky spices to create a blended brew that will blow your mind. Saisons brew during the winter months with grains and spices that the farmers would normally scrap. But do not disregard the smooth and fruity flavor of a funky saison. Everybody loves a farmhouse ale while soaking in the sun. With around 1,000 pounds of peaches per 100-barrel batch of brew, this treat will make you die and think you are in peachtree heaven.
  • Oskar Blues Pinner Session IPA — Oskar Blues said it best when stating, “pinner is the perfect beer to sip, sip, give.” This beer has all the hops with all the drinkability. This throwback IPA marries the fruit and citrus notes of a typical IPA with a biscuit and toasted bread finish for balance. It is easy to crush through a six-pack of pinner and even easier to crush another. This yummy session pairs well with chicken, fish and all of the lighter nosh that screams summer. So, when sitting in a circle of friends, make sure you sip, sip, give some pinner. Sharing is caring.

Whatever you drink this summer, whether it be a hefeweizen or a Berliner weisse, make it a craft. We have some top-notch American breweries that are looking to keep you hydrated.  The only thing to combat these warm solstice days is an ice-cold brewski. So, sip on this summer.

By: Emily Simpson | Contributor